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Men’s Summer Staples

Men’s Summer Staples
2009/07/07 Maya H.

Here are the staples you should find in any stylish and sophisticated man’s closet: 

067Summer sneaker (not boots or lace-ups): think light, airy and versatile.  Make them a little fun with some color—it’s not about matching but about a subdued statement.  These Balenciaga men’s sneakers (albeit from 2006) are headed in the right direction

Polos or square-hemmed shirts: polos are ubiquitous and for a reason- they can be worn by themselves, or under a sweater or blazer.  The square-hemmed shirt is a refreshing and much needed reprieve from the polo.  Again it can be worn just like the polo BUT can also be worn over a crisp white tank and, if it’s a long-sleeve, you can roll it up for more optionssquare-cut

Khakis: no way around it- EVERY designer worth their salt has their version so, grab a pair or two.

Linen pants: get ‘em.  Make sure they are a slimmer fit and have a minimal break (slighty shorter in the summer is acceptable)

Sunglasses: check out my blog post on types of sunglasses and act accordingly.

Style Snapshot: Clothes should be light and airy (sweating is not Stylish), and more fitted than other seasons, and make your subdued statement with your accessories (shoes, sneakers, watch).