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MANly Monday: Summer Take on the Navy Blazer

MANly Monday: Summer Take on the Navy Blazer
2014/05/05 Better Blueprint

The navy blazer is one of the key elements in any professional man's closet but it's summer, so do we need to change the way we handle this item?

  • it's still essential
  • go lighter in weight
  • try a plaid pattern
  • the thinner/more refined the line/pattern, the more easily it can be dressed up
  • wear with light grey, white, or camel pants
  • shoes should be cream nubuck or in the cognac/luggage family
  • ....which means your belt should be...(you guessed it)!
{photo from Esquire, May 2014}

{photo from Esquire, May 2014}


  1. Brooks Brothers - four size options - all $648
  2. J. Hilburn - almost fully customizable - between $450-700
  3. A great suitmaker/tailor - custom - $550+

What's your flavor?