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Please #Tweed

Please #Tweed
2012/10/12 Better Blueprint

Tweed is a classic.
For men, it's a wardrobe staple.
It's an expanded Essential Wardrobe item.
We borrowed it from the Brits but here's how to make it your own...

  1. decide whether to go single or double-breasted: double-breasted is instantly more formal and, frnakly, uptight
  2. how many buttons? tradition would tell you two to keep it simple as you on-and-off
  3. what kind of pattern are you going for?herringbone, Prince of Wales, donegal, Prestwick, houndstooth, etc
  4. what color family? if you do herringbone, it's almost for sure to be in black-and-white, and the rest are best in the brown/neutral/taupe family.
  5. what kind of lady do you want on your arm (if any)? tweed has a classic, professorial air to it so keeping it slightly unstructured and more relaxed will get you a look that is a mix between old money and rock star ~ that seems like the way to go!
Which tweed is more you? We love the herringbone jacket, Paul Smith black plaid jacket, and J.Crew Ludlow harris tweed blazer.