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  • Dec092020
    This men's Isaia blazer is the perfect upgrade from nice to dapper for any professional man

    every man should own…. Isaia blazer! And the best place to start looking is Saks Men's Store! This was one of my client's…

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  • Aug082020

    men’s wardrobe & style essentials guide

    Grab your complimentary downloadable guide here.....

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  • Aug192016

    Another Style Download Available..for the Fellas!

    We've got more for you well for the fellas. We've already given the ladies the 9 Websites to Bookmark for…

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  • May022016

    Top Menswear Trends Reviewed

    In all reality, Esquire's review is really about what women think of these menswear trends and, frankly, the big takeaway…

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  • Feb222016

    HSM x David Hart Capsule Clothing Line

    David Hart is a local dude...from Annapolis, MD. He's big time too having teamed with the likes of Cadillac and…

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  • Jan302016

    This Is For The [Dapper] Guys….Wardrobe Essentials

    Shop Amazon Fashion - New York Fashion Week Men's

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  • Nov302015

    Dress Like Idris Elba!

    Superdry is a contemporary brand that fuses British style with Japanese techy edginess and American sensibility. And you already know…

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  • Nov232015

    Manly Monday: Travel Uniform

    It's almost time to hit the road....or undress for TSA! Either way, you can look relaxed and stylish doing it…

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  • Sep142015

    [Video]: After Labor Day Fashion

    Last week, I had the opportunity to appear on Good Morning Washington to share After Labor Day Fashion trends. With…

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  • Sep142015
    men's clothing, grooming, men's closets

    Men Need To Wear More Clothes!

    A recent study of British adults revealed that men only wear about 13% of their clothes. Whoa! FYI - the number…

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  • Aug312015

    Buy. Wear. Wash. Repeat.

    Fall is fabulous because it means you can look cool...and still wear boots, right? But seriously, fall is when we…

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  • May182015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “Summer suits aren’t supposed to last your whole life – wrap your head around the fact that you’ll probably only…

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  • Sep012014

    Men in Blue

    I'm in love with this picture ~ and just know that you'll see it again because it's the epitome of…

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  • Jul142014

    Casual Dress Inspiration

    So you throw on jeans and a button down shirt, and waah-laa - you're casual. Not! Actually you look like…

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  • Jun162014
    McDermott, GQ, suits

    MANly Monday: Tailoring Needed

    This one isn't hard and it's a lesson that GQ kindly shared with us. Tailoring is essentially and the smallest…

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  • Apr212014
    GQ - suits - casual

    MANly Facts: Casual Suits

    What makes a suit casual isn't that it's wrinkled or that your posture says 'slouchy' but that the fabric, fit…

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  • Aug192013
    John Varvatos

    How-To Update Your Look From Confused Teen To Full-On Adult

    This was the question posed from a 20-something year old man who really wanted to add a bit of "edge"…

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  • Jun032013
    boys weekend, beach packing, travel

    Boys Beach Weekend

    Pack this..... Do we really need to say more...? We have you covered for the beach (duh!), the club, an…

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  • May232013
    what to wear, summer weddings

    What Men Should Wear To Any Wedding

    At some point this year, likely this summer, you will have to attend or perhaps even be in a wedding.…

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  • Feb232013

    The Navy Suit Blues

    I love navy blue {who doesn't know that if they've read my posts?!} so, when I read this article in…

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  • Jan082013

    Wall Street, Custom Suits & Men’s Aversion to Fashion [Video]

    WSJ talk with contributor J.J. Martin about the new style standard for men of means ~ the custom suit. The…

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  • Dec122012

    Five Step Plan to Custom Suit Perfection

    If you don't have or want to spend $2,000 on a custom suit, likely no one would look at you…

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  • Nov262012

    Manly Makeover

    Ripped from the pages of November's GQ-- this is SO big! Suits that are too roomy instantly add weight to…

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  • Nov222012

    Heady Purchase

    A waistcoat or vest. It's just essential for fall/winter if you want to impress the ladies, channel a bit of…

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  • Sep132012

    The “Know” on Wearing A Suit Well

    According to Patrick Grant, owner of Norton & Sons and E. Tautz (Saville Row mainstays), your suit jacket should "....…

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