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The Navy Suit Blues

The Navy Suit Blues
2013/02/23 Better Blueprint

I love navy blue {who doesn't know that if they've read my posts?!} so, when I read this article in Details Magazine, it only made sense to share.

Blue is a very conventional color but the predominant shades of blue for this season are anything but....

Know your blues:

  • cornflower ~ a washed-out azure, it's a a more common color for a button-down shirt than a suit and looks terrific with a darker blue like navy
  • della robbia blue ~ popularized by a family of Renaissance sculptors who used it often, it's the color of the sky on a clear day
  • french blue ~ a purplish blue more often found in dress shirts that can also be dashing in a suit paired with a white button-down
  • indigo ~ the inky shade of raw denim can be a deep, rich color for a suit. midnight blue and Prussian blue are variants
  • navy ~ a very dark hue, so names because it was first worn by sailors in uniform. flatters every man, without fail
  • yves klein blue ~ a vivid, almost electric ultramarine the French artist developed with a chemist in 1960. beloved by designers

What's your choice for this year? My rec: blue on blue on blue....