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Seasonless Wardrobe: What To Put Away

Seasonless Wardrobe: What To Put Away
2014/08/28 Better Blueprint
{photo from Custom Closets Direct}

{photo from Custom Closets Direct}

One of the topics I discuss in my book is the percentage or amount of clothing that should stay in your closet at a certain age ~ simply put, the older you get, the less movement in and out of your closet. There are summer clothes that, regardless of age or stage or stylishness, need to be put away as we move into fall.

Let's start with:

  1. Swimsuits
  2. Linen clothing
  3. White eyelet
  4. Sundresses
  5. Strappy sandals
  6. Cotton footwear (espadrilles, etc.)
  7. Lightweight, brightly colored tops

How and where are you storing them? If you've got limited space, consider space bags, underbed storage bags, storage bags, and cedar blocks [to discourage pest, mildew and odors].

Next week: what to keep in the closet...