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Top Menswear Trends Reviewed

Top Menswear Trends Reviewed
2016/05/02 Better Blueprint
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{photo from Esquire}

In all reality, Esquire's review is really about what women think of these menswear trends and, frankly, the big takeaway is true: the best menswear trends are those that make a man come off as approachable but not disheveled, concerned but not overly invested in his appearance, neat but not impeccably so, and invested in his partner having great sex and orgasms.

Fellas the best menswear trend is your a little curation from the experts so you can look just approachable and friendly enough but not going too deep into the recesses of a fashion abyss. The next best piece for your seamless spring wardrobe transition is the casual button down shirt.

This shirt allows you to make it to work or conduct business without looking too stuffy but paired with a sport coat, you're ready to do the deal!