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  • Aug082020

    men’s wardrobe & style essentials guide

    Grab your complimentary downloadable guide here.....

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  • Aug222016

    3 Easy Rules for Fall Style

    Abide by these three (3) rules and autumn sartorial dominance can be yours! You can (& should) wear cognac-colored shoes…

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  • May022016

    Top Menswear Trends Reviewed

    In all reality, Esquire's review is really about what women think of these menswear trends and, frankly, the big takeaway…

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  • Feb222016

    HSM x David Hart Capsule Clothing Line

    David Hart is a local dude...from Annapolis, MD. He's big time too having teamed with the likes of Cadillac and…

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  • May112015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “You can throw an unlined cotton suit in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. When it comes out, give…

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  • May042015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “An unlined wool suit with a fresco weave (which is really open, so when you hold it up to the…

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  • Feb232015

    Fashion Mistakes Most Men Make

    I recently conducted a style evaluation from a young gentlemen who claimed he wanted to move his style from junior…

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  • Mar312014

    MANly Facts: On Being “Normal”

    In a recent Esquire survey, 44% of men said it was not important to be perceived as normal and fully 29%  said…

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  • Sep242013

    To The Man Who Needs Help Finding “His” Brand

    Unlike women, men are more creatures of habit especially when it comes to style. Thus, it would make sense that…

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  • Feb272013

    Prints, Patterns & Stripes

    Men are monochromatic, so this is a chance to add a little spice to the mix with prints, patterns and…

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  • Jan082013

    Wall Street, Custom Suits & Men’s Aversion to Fashion [Video]

    WSJ talk with contributor J.J. Martin about the new style standard for men of means ~ the custom suit. The…

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  • Oct162012

    Cam Newton + Belk = Southern Style

    Or so they say...Belk Inc. has teamed up with quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers for a men’s line…

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  • May292012

    No “Boo” For The New Blue

    Every summer, your girlfriend/partner/wife/significant other implores you to add some color, right? And every summer, you purchase the obligatory bright…

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  • Apr272012

    Don’t Get Played By Plaid

    It's doable and tell me this contemporary plaid blazer with collarless shirt isn't HOT! Wearing plaid doesn't have to be…

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  • Jan192012

    Old Is New….Again With The 50s

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  • Dec062011

    Designer Alert: Mark McNairy

    Men's shoes have all of the classics (Florsheim, Johnston Murphy, Grenson, Church's, etc), so it's refreshing to see a new…

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  • Nov162011

    Step 5 To A Wardrobe Winter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 5: Winterize Your Wardrobe Don't be a tough guy ~ you may be able to show off your haircut…

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  • Nov152011

    Step 4 To A Wardrobe Winter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 4: Become a techy! A trench coat or long cashmere is great as you move from home to car,…

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  • Nov102011

    Step 3 To A Wardrobe WInter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 3: Knot This The slipknot is easy, unisex, and stylish...and most importantly, it gets the job done! Every gent…

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  • Nov082011

    Step 2 To A Wardrobe Winter Wonderland (There Are 8)

    Step 2: Show Your Bootie Not literally, but when it comes to winter weather and pant lengths, it's most stylish…

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  • Oct062011

    Proper Suit Fit

    Now is a great time to think of buying a suit just make sure you've got the right information to…

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  • Sep202011

    What to In-Vest in For Fall

    J Crew isn't just for the All-American guy....the picture below has something for everyone.  One of the most important features:…

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  • Sep072011

    Double Dog Dare You….

    I'm sure we mentioned this at some point, but the double-breasted suit is back. It's nothing innovative and it shouldn't…

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  • Jul122011

    Best Shoes for Fall

    Alexander McQueen brogues Available at Matches Fashion Dark brown punched leather Lace up with leather interior and sole Style Notes:…

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  • May062011

    Melt in Your Mouth Not in Your Hands

    This chocolate men's summer suit featured in GQ is spot-on! Dark brown is too hot, camel is an everyday treat, but this…

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