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To The Man Who Needs Help Finding “His” Brand

To The Man Who Needs Help Finding “His” Brand
2013/09/24 Better Blueprint

wardrobe 2Unlike women, men are more creatures of habit especially when it comes to style. Thus, it would make sense that once you find a brand that you love, you stick with it....but WAIT! The problem with that thinking is that

  1. Sizing changes
  2. Quality changes
  3. Fit changes

So, what do you do?

Answer is easy: educate yourself on fit, styling, and fabric, and then know your measurements.

What I've always told my clients, go tot the nicest place/store you can find and look around. See what fabrics they have, observe what a well-made jacket looks like and feels like when you wear it, and then get out your phone to have the sales person take your measurements.

While your phone is out, note the brands you like and what you like them for....then run out of store!

Head home and get online, and look around at your favorite retailers or designers to see who has what.

Is it that easy? Yes....and no. The research part is fairly simple, putting it all together may turn out to be a little more challenging. For that, my recommendation is to use a stylist!

Go forth and conquer!