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  • Dec112020
    this navy, men's Zegna sneaker is a classic sneaker with a modern twist

    for the man who wants a classic, upscale sneaker

    ...this Ermenegildo Zegna triple stitch classic sneaker is your answer One of my recent male client's received his…

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  • Aug112018

    Zesty Men’s Footwear

    If you know anything about #fashion or claim to know then, as a man, you should be familiar with Nick Wooster.…

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  • May162018

    Upscale Men’s Boat Shoes

    Apparently, boat shoes are ALL the rage right now but they can look a bit 'suburban' so the upscale, city…

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  • Jan182017

    men’s winter must-have

    Make 2017 the year you know the rules but focus on which ones you should break --- personal style should…

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  • Aug222016

    3 Easy Rules for Fall Style

    Abide by these three (3) rules and autumn sartorial dominance can be yours! You can (& should) wear cognac-colored shoes…

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  • Jun132016

    4 Sandals To Suit Any Man

    There are very few shoes you need for summer but sandals are one of them....because there are more than enough…

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  • Feb052016

    Allen Edmonds Sale

    Fellas - if you have nothing to do or even if you do, click here....

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  • Jan252016

    Your New Weekend Uniform

    Guys don't need much but, from the female perspective, an update on your weekend look is at "mission critical" status...…

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  • Nov232015

    Manly Monday: Travel Uniform

    It's almost time to hit the road....or undress for TSA! Either way, you can look relaxed and stylish doing it…

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  • Sep232015
    Cobra Society, Alex Davis, footwear

    On The Road: A Shoe That Travels (On Its Own)

    Tangier, Morocco. New York. southeastern Spain. Barcelona. Florence. Your Cobra Society footwear (for men & women) may be more well-traveled…

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  • Sep212015

    Royal Sneaker Treatment

    There ARE rules to ensure your sneakers look their best. Treat them right by: Sneakers you exercise in ≠…

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  • Aug312015

    Buy. Wear. Wash. Repeat.

    Fall is fabulous because it means you can look cool...and still wear boots, right? But seriously, fall is when we…

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  • Jul132015
    Nike Roshe One All Black, sneakers

    Nike Roshe One “All Black” – Thumbs Up or Down?

    The beau of one of my mentors says the sneaker is "a little more than ahh-ight". Understand that his style…

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  • Jun152015

    MANLy Monday: Summer Sneaker Essential

    This is easy ~ a pair of white sneakers. You know you need them, you want a fresh new pair…

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  • Apr202015

    MANly Monday: Galoshes

    You can do your own version of "Singing in the Rain" if you've got these galoshes. Your dress shoes deserve…

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  • Apr132015

    MANly Monday: Bo Boots

    How many pairs of sneakers have you trashed trying to get your lawn/yard ready for spring? You think....ok I'll just…

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  • Jan122015
    boot, hybrid boot

    MANly Monday: Indoor/Outdoor Boot

    It's winter. The coldest month of the year is usually February. Global warming doesn't exist but if it did, you'd…

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  • Oct272014

    MANly Monday: A Lesson in Toe Caps

    The shoe options are kinda endless for guys but the thing we see first is that toe it peaks…

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  • Jul282014

    Manly Monday: GQs 100

    GQ did a compilation of the 100 items a man should own to be stylish...but not overly so! While the…

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  • Mar312014

    Monday MANifesto: Sock vs No Sock

    That is the question... The answer? Do whatcha like...kinda. In reality though, socks for men are a must in the…

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  • Mar242014
    hook + ALBERT - shoelaces - footwear

    Monday MANifesto: Up Your Style Game For $8

    Other than a pocket square maybe, what else can give you instant style and street cred for under $10....? It's…

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  • Mar032014
    esquivel-wingtip-men's shoes-footwear

    Monday MANifesto: The Tale of Two Shoes

    Two shoes. One pair. Must have for any man to possess dignity, self-worth, and pride. The answer: Esquivel davis wingtip…

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  • Feb172014

    Monday MANifesto: The Ins and Outs of a Perfect Winter Dress Boot

    Here are all the characteristics that make a boot both a “dress boot” and a useful piece of cold-weather gear:…

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  • Nov062013

    [Video] Fall Fashion Trends: Leather, Tweed, Cobalt Blue & More

    Waaay back in September, WUSA9 asked us come on air and share some top fall fashion trends. If you were…

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  • Oct282013
    men's footwear, brent to boot new york

    Men’s Fall Footwear: The Black Bootie

    Bootie may not sound macho but the boot is. We've gone with To Boot New York (again) but there are…

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