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Manly Monday: GQs 100

Manly Monday: GQs 100
2014/07/28 Better Blueprint

rows of shoes

GQ did a compilation of the 100 items a man should own to be stylish...but not overly so! While the list doesn't 100% scream "yes", there are many 'thumbs up' to be seen and the first is the tee. The t-shirt is an unsung hero for men....mostly because the ones they wear are too big, too old, too plain, or just wrong.

[Enter stage left] The striped tee:

  • It channels your inner-Parisian
  • In black-and-white, it's "colorful"
  • With the right maker, it fits nicely but not too snugly
  • The stripes allow you to wear it with multiple colors!
  • Your girlfriend will get off your back

After much research, I found this  striped tee (Dunlop striped tee, $48)  that can go from date night to Saturday grocery shopping to bar hopping to pre-season football drinking.