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Nike Roshe One “All Black” – Thumbs Up or Down?

Nike Roshe One “All Black” – Thumbs Up or Down?
2015/07/13 Better Blueprint

The beau of one of my mentors says the sneaker is "a little more than ahh-ight".

Understand that his style is a little more casual, less metrosexual and camera-ready but equally as curated as a David Beckham.

Nike Roshe One All Black, sneakers

Now that you've got that, the shoe just released and did a review too (the site for everything men's sneakers), and here's what it has:

-monochromatic (black)
-mesh and synthetic materials
-matching phylon midsole

Is it for you? If you want a casual, running-inspired sneaker for a morning walk, running to the barber or drycleaners, or meeting your boo for a quick 'coffee talk' on the weekend, this is for you.

It's $99...