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  • Nov042015

    Personal Branding at Washington School for Girls: Health & Fitness

    This week's session focused on health & fitness and how they shape your personal brand was our most interactive session…

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  • Jul132015
    Nike Roshe One All Black, sneakers

    Nike Roshe One “All Black” – Thumbs Up or Down?

    The beau of one of my mentors says the sneaker is "a little more than ahh-ight". Understand that his style…

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  • Oct182012

    Designing Jordans

    His name is Tinker Hatfield. He's the designer behind almost every pair of Nike Jordans. Most of his work is…

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  • Apr032012

    Reebok Broncos Tebow vs. Nike Jets Tebow

    {photo from backstage at Espy Awards, 2011} That is the gist of it ~ Reebok as the supplier of NFL…

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  • Aug062009

    How Sneakers Sneaked on The Scene

    Blueprint for Style has done a few posts about shoes and sneakers for the fellas but, in honor of Men's…

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