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Royal Sneaker Treatment

Royal Sneaker Treatment
2015/09/21 Better Blueprint

There ARE rules to ensure your sneakers look their best. Treat them right by:

  • Sneakers you exercise in ≠ street wear
  • DON'T use water (it creates stains) - instead use a bristled shoe brush to nix surface dirt
  • I swear the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really works - it really is magic!
  • Wash your laces - it's a Jedi mind trick and gives the appearance of a cleaner sneaker....
  • They're called "shoe" trees but you can use them to maintain the shape of your sneakers too
  • Funky feet is not cool. It just takes a dryer sheet in each sneaker to keep the situation fresh, seriously

SIX rules to sneaker royal treatment. You got any to add?

BTW- are we digging the chukka sneaker above? Perfect color for fall - a little edge without fully committing to 'street wear' - can be dressed up for date night or 'guys night out' or dressed down for Sunday football with the fellas.....