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  • Sep182023

    clutter is a mindset

    Clutter is a mindset - get clear and change the game! Clutter is just a reflection of a lack of…

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  • Aug292023

    labor day shopping

    This year, I'm sharing the best Labor Day sales and shopping in two ways: my top picks and the best brands…

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  • Jul032023

    workplace wardrobe wellness program

    The Workplace Wardrobe Wellness Program helps address the anxiety associated with return-to-work and creates a more business-ready workforce. While, every study…

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  • Jun192023

    metallic sandals

    It's summer. It's warm. It's all about fun. I am sharing footwear options that are metallic because they create instant…

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  • Jun122023
    The Creatives' Closet a style guidebook that show you how to dress better and build your brand and closet

    updating my latest book, the creatives’ closet

    It's happening, slowly! I was trying to think of the best way to do it amidst writing a new book…

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  • Jun092023

    are you wearing shorts to work?

    Let's talk about wearing shorts to work! This started to be a hotly-debated topic (no pun intended) before COVID but…

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  • Jun082023

    can you choose wine based on your style ethos?

    I say, "Why not?!" Now, as I understand it, the bigger/bolder the wine, the more a meatier piece of protein…

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  • Jun072023

    guess what wardrobe item you need this summer?

    Another must-have for busy professionals is a CRISP WHITE SHIRT. Simple, right? Anyone who knows me or any client who…

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  • Jun052023

    jackie kennedy’s wedding dress designer

    It was Ann Lowe. And, yes, I'm talking about the Jackie Onassis Kennedy who married JFK in 1953. Now, that that is…

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  • Jun052023

    summer wardrobe staples

    The summer wardrobe staples every busy professional should own. The list is not endless. The list is…

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  • Jun032023

    one warm weather wardrobe must-have

    Say that three times really fast! This is one wardrobe #musthave every busy professional to own to…

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  • Jun022023

    the 8 breathable fabrics for hot summer days

    Apparently, El Nino will be 'in the house' this year! If you're unfamiliar, here's a quick refresher: El Niño is…

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  • Feb012023

    do you know DC?

    Blueprint for Style was mentioned as a local Washington, DC expert on the Redfin blog! Check out the article we…

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