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workplace wardrobe wellness program

workplace wardrobe wellness program
2023/07/03 Better Blueprint

The Workplace Wardrobe Wellness Program helps address the anxiety associated with return-to-work and creates a more business-ready workforce. While, every study and survey indicates that the US will not be returning to pre-COVID in-office numbers any time soon (if ever),  the trend is heading toward more in-office, yet still hybrid, work for telework and remote professionals.

Is this you, or your organization?

In stark contrast to studies related to returning to the office, mental health awareness has become a major and primary driver of what's holding a lot of employees back from heading back. They have "created" new work environments, new habits, and new lifestyles that are, frankly, not conducive to going into the office five days a week.

The answer?

There are a lot of avenues to explore but Blueprint for Style is providing offers solutions professionals need, and aligns with an organization’s need to have staff return to the office. It provides direct guidance on new “work” dress guidelines. It supports three mission-critical areas within any organization: Professional Development & Education, Employee Mental Health & Wellness, and Company Culture.

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