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Noteworthy Knitwear

Noteworthy Knitwear
2023/10/13 Better Blueprint

Women's Noteworthy Knitwear

I'm sharing noteworthy knitwear for the new weather because it's sweata weatha'!  You already know the options are endless so the most efficient way to think about this is to ask yourself, "First, do I have the basics covered?" and then follow up with, "What one color am I loving this season, or what one thing do I want to highlight?"

Answer those two questions and you're almost halfway to knowing what you need. In the meantime, this should get you started...

Fun tip: higher end brands typically house their sweaters in the "knitwear" category while bridge and fast fashion do a "sweater" section... let me know if you start noticing it!

BTW ~ if you answered the first question with a "No" then just start here!