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In Honor of Veterans Day – For Men

In Honor of Veterans Day – For Men
2023/11/10 Better Blueprint

The Cheat Print, Camo!

Tonight we pay homage to ALL those who served...THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

As a little small homage, tonight I'm showing the 'cheat' print...camouflage!

You can do camo wrong....stay away from the cheapy versions that don't create a crisp print and do experiment with different shades and colors of camo. Few things read edgy fem than something in pink camo!

Although the choices are endless, the list isn't long. I'm sharing a few fabulous pieces and options to help you pay homage and keep it fresh.

The only must-have are the Bombas ankle camo socks because, for every pair you buy, a pair is donated to the homeless.

xx, mo ~ every week, something new to consider…