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Kitten Heels: The Cat’s Meow – For Women

Kitten Heels: The Cat’s Meow – For Women
2023/12/08 Better Blueprint

Kitty Says 'Meow'!

Happy Friday - we made it...woohoo!

So I want to do a little mini education sesh for you as it relates to kitten heels!

  • The concept surfaced around the 1950s
  • A TRUE kitten heel is a stiletto heel and is under 45mm-ish.
  • Everything else is just a short heel, a block heel, a pump, shorter square heel, appears that ever piece of footwear with a short heel has co-opted the title!
  • Most stores/brands today carry some 'version' of a kitten heel because of the revolt against high heel post-pandemic
  • To maintain a chicness and sophistication about the shoe, opt for a more pointed toe
  • To create a little more modern edginess, opt for embellishments like grommets or spikes
  • Because they are lower and your toes don't smoosh up in the toebox as much, the need for leather is mitigated BUT sticking with leather guarantees you won't be disappointed
  • When to wear them? They're meant to be rocked with everything - they are a great substitute to elevate from a flat - they are a great substitute to look sophisticated with a work along as you're ok with the loss of bump-in-your-trunk!

What else do you want to see? I'm thinking of "casual" pants that work for work and after-hours but I'd love a quick reply to hear what you're interested in, and while I cannot guarantee you'll see it immediately, every suggestion is considered!


xx, mo ~ every week, something new to consider…(except next week)