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Best Boots + Booties- For Women

Best Boots + Booties- For Women
2023/12/01 Better Blueprint

Boots, Booties & In Between

I'm running behind tonight...

But technically, I'm right on time! Because it's all about boots and booties tonight!

Here's everything...well most of it!

Consider this as you browse:

  • Consider your climate and weather - if you're south, you don't "have to" do leather so places like Zara won't be bad
  • Leather is always best! It lasts longer, can be refreshed, and looks good with a little patina
  • Rain boots are cold! I love them but they require a pair of thick socks if you're thinking of running out in the snow with them
  • Consider the sole - a great boot has a leather sole so if you're heading into the snow then you need to head to the cobbler first to get a rubber sole added to save the boot
  • Consider the shaft length - if you have meatier calves then ankle-length maybe your bestie along with stretch options (like Stuart Weitzman)
  • Consider the color - live la vida loca unless you plan on wearing them every day. A neutral pair in black (blase!) is good but olive or wine would be even better!

That's it - but I would love [love] to hear from you after you check out the list.

xx, mo ~ every week, something new to consider…