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  • Mar312013

    Happy Easter

    This grown-up Easter backet is compliments of a fun blog called Lovely Indeed ~ thanks Chelsea!

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  • Mar212013

    Essence Magazine Style Advice

    I'm always honored when friends and clients ask me for advice ~ it's a chance to share my expertise and…

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  • Feb152013

    Weekend Craving: Printed Moto Madness

    One of the style resolutions I made to myself {and shared with you} was to do more prints this year…

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  • Jan292013

    The 25 Most Expensive Stores In the United States

    Which ones do you shop at regularly? Here's how the most expensive stores in the United States were determined:…

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  • Jan252013

    The Belle of the Ball

    That was me! Not sure if I was supposed to be but, the 2013 Ambassadors Ball at Carnegie Library (across…

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  • Jan052013

    52 Week Money Challenge

    Want a fairly painless way to save $1,378 this year? Take the 52-week Money Challenge ~ each week you deposit the…

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  • Nov162012

    H&M x Margiela Launch

    As with any high-low fashion collaboration, there are certain nuances to observe. Here are the finer points of the Margiela…

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  • Nov132012

    Karl Lagerfeld Sketches President Obama

    Karl Lagerfeld extemporaneously draws President Obama in chef whites holding a cake of the White House in front of the…

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  • Oct272012

    A Lesson in Whiskey

    I don't know a thing about whiskey....but it's stylish (& a bit sexy) to be able to order it right!…

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  • Oct182012

    Political Style Battle #3: Who Wore It Best?

    What a coinky-dink that Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both had a pink dresses for the debate this week! They're…

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  • Oct122012

    What Michelle Obama Means for Fashion [Infographic]

    We discovered this infographic and thought it was worthy of sharing. We all believe in the power of influence and…

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  • Oct112012

    The 5 #Senses – Stylishly Assaulted

    See - "yellow" is the color no one seems to like but marigold yellow is brilliant, hearty, warm, earthy, complementary,…

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  • Oct092012

    Look For Looser Clothes To Fit Your Mac N’ Cheese

    This has very little to do with style....other than I consider myself to be stylish and I love macaroni and…

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  • Oct052012

    Political Style Battle #2: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan

    Who wins this race? Does this speak to everyone's need for a personal style consultation especially those who are in…

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  • Oct012012

    Style Last Month – This Month

    Last month: Animal Instincts Under $120 The "Know" on Wearing A Suit Well The Convergence of Technology & Fashion DvF…

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  • Aug082012

    Never Too Soon To Think About The Holidays, Right?

    You might disagree, but eBay just announced their Holiday Collective and you should be psyched! It's a collection that will…

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  • Jun292012

    Stylish Olympians With Sartorial Flair

    The Summer Olympics are less than a month away (July 27th) .... and I'm so psyched because I love the…

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  • Jun222012

    Cars, Art & The Motor City

    Me likey. Buick put together a terrific event that brought together art/design/style creatives to look behind the new design inspirations…

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  • Mar162012

    CFDA 2012 Nominees

    Womenswear Designer of the Year Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez for Proenza Schouler Marc Jacobs Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen…

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  • Dec232011

    we’re going under construction

    Look for our next post to come on January 7, 2012 (ok, maybe a few intermittent items if we think…

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  • Dec232011
  • Dec212011

    Destination: Stephanie Johnson

    I love Stephanie Johnson bags and I was recently selected as one of her "Blogs to Bring In the New…

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  • Dec012011

    Where Is The Economic Downturn?

    If you asked me (which technically you are), I'd say it's the less fortunate that are feeling more of the…

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  • Dec012011

    December Pantone Birthday Color: Pagoda Blue

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  • Dec012011

    December posting


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