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H&M x Margiela Launch

H&M x Margiela Launch
2012/11/16 Better Blueprint

Dress, $199; Plaxi Wedge Boots, $399; Key Ring Necklace, $59.95

As with any high-low fashion collaboration, there are certain nuances to observe. Here are the finer points of the Margiela for H&M launch:

  • Collaboration launched November 15th
  • There are 100+ pieces
  • There are pieces for men and women
  • Collection represents a "synopsis" of Margiela's history (instead of watered down designs)
  • Items include oversized denim for $70, Plexi wedge boots for $400, a glove clutch for $149 {one of my favorite pieces!}, key ring necklace for $60, mirrored tuxedo jacket for $199, and loads more
If you have no need for clothes (or are on a tight budget), go for one piece that you'll love for eternity, go for something like....
  • narrow shoulder blazer, $99
  • horizontal dress, $149
  • knee high leather boot, $299
  • glove clutch, $149
Or something totally Margiela....
  • fusion of two dresses, $199
And for the gents....the pieces are truly Margiela and very architectural, so if you are shorter, stocky, or not into avant garde, the entire collection will be a mah-hor stretch for you!

Mirrored Tuxedo Jacket, $199; Fusion of Two Shirts, $99; Suit Trousers, $99