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The Belle of the Ball

The Belle of the Ball
2013/01/25 Better Blueprint

That was me! Not sure if I was supposed to be but, the 2013 Ambassadors Ball at Carnegie Library (across the street from the official ball) had a life of it's own. I'd say less formal gala and more high-end party......

There was a fashion menagerie from long sundresses (yes, sundresses) to full-length formal ball gowns to shorter, zestier looks likely found at another event. That said, we had entertainment by Biz Markie and the wonderfully gorgeous and gracious Miss USA, Nani Meriwether whom I had a chance to speak with.

What does this day mean to you?  "I grew up in the DC area and went to the same school as the Obama girls but.....this is about coming back home. A great sense of pride!"

Flashback to your 2012 crowning, what was the overall feel you wanted to bring across in your outfit selections? "I am six feet tall and have a very athletic I'm quite curvy so people thought I'd wear something hugs my body but I wore a flowy Grecian was a hint of sexiness, going beyond expectations without giving away too much."

On an everyday basis, how would you characterize your style? "I'm resort chic. I live in New York and everyone wears black. I try to mix in chiffons that are colorful. I love bright colors and try not to buy black things. I try to implement a lot of color in my wardrobe."

Any style advice? "Yes, love your body. I'm not a traditional body build for a Miss USA [they're usually skinny and I'm not] but it shows you can be something without being the mainstream."

Thanks Nani ~ our takeaways are color and love your body!

Thanks to the sponsors of the Ambassadors Ball for having Blueprint for Style; and we'll look forward to the next one to be bigger and better!