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The 5 #Senses – Stylishly Assaulted

The 5 #Senses – Stylishly Assaulted
2012/10/11 Better Blueprint

See - "yellow" is the color no one seems to like but marigold yellow is brilliant, hearty, warm, earthy, complementary, and friendly
Taste - lemon poppy muffins {fresh, citrus-y, light}
Hear - The Foreign Exchange, I Wanna Know
Smell - Aquiesse golden amber candle {amber, cedar, bergamot, orange blossom - a bit masculine but sublimely soft}
Touch - brand new shearling....soft, substantial, puffy, an oxymoron because it's so thick but so light

All the things, sights and sounds I've had the pleasure of partaking of this week....