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Never Too Soon To Think About The Holidays, Right?

Never Too Soon To Think About The Holidays, Right?
2012/08/08 Better Blueprint

You might disagree, but eBay just announced their Holiday Collective and you should be psyched! It's a collection that will launch November 12 and everything will be priced under $100. We snagged photos from Glamour (see below) but in general don't expect high-end designer pieces but do expect fun gift-giving items and a couple of things you were likely considering but just never did.

Don't get caught up in the hype (and there's lots of it) but know that you'll be able to provide some fun, functional, and fashion items to very good boys and girls this year.

What will be your must-get? Mine? The cute Tibi sweatshirt with lace overlay....

CFDA menswear designer of the year, Billy Reid's canvas travel pieces made from duck selvedge (a kind of old-school canvas) and they're super light.


Tibi's selection of cute sweatshirts that range from a "leatherette" tee to lace overlays.


Steven Alan has a gaggle of small leather goods including an iPad case is understated cool.


Ruffian's Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are doing silk ties and ruffled silk scarves. It's meant to emulate fur...


Fallon's jewelry can usually fetch up to $300, but this collection will start at $58...which means you just need new baubles not a whole new outfit!


Obama favorite Chris Benz has an assortment of cashmere, notecards for holiday thanks, and even a set of PJs that are perfect for canoodling.


And Jonathan Adler brings his collection of home staples in fun new finishes.