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  • Sep272017
    asymmetric down jacket

    how to layer properly & bulk-free

    There is a key to looking stylish while staying warm and layering.... There are three layers you need to consider:…

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  • Nov022015

    Farmers’ Almanac Says ‘Bundle Up’ This Winter

      Just get ready now....the Farmers' Almanac promises/predicts a colder than average winter for the East Coast and Midwest. Translation:…

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  • Sep282015
    quilted sport coat men's outerwear

    Men’s Fall Must-Have #1: Quilted Sport Coat

    Guys aren't that complicated so the list of fashion must-haves is short not to mention for fall. I hypothesize that…

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  • May112015

    “Right as Rain” Quote

    "Ninety-nine percent of rainproof products are woven. Typically, that means synthetics that won't patina like cotton or leather. But as…

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  • Sep222014

    GQ x Gap Menswear Collab [Video]

    It's casual. It's relaxed. It's designer-worthy. It's authentic to the designer. It's less Gap. It's an overwhelming YES! Find your…

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  • Apr212014
    suit jacket-construction

    Suit Jacket Construction: What You Need to Know, Part 3

    Full Canvas. This is typically used for bespoke and MTM (made to measure) This construction calls a lot to make…

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  • Apr142014
    suit jacket-construction

    Suit Jacket Construction: What You Need to Know, Part 2

    Fully Fused. Most common type of suit for off-the-rack purchases Uses glue and makes for a stiff-looking jacket Counter the…

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  • Apr072014
    suit jacket-construction

    Suit Jacket Construction: What You Need to Know, Part 1

    Half Canvas. It's on the middle of the quality spectrum Has the structural benefits of a full canvas suit Helps…

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  • Jan142014

    Only For A Man’s Head

    Gents- there are only four ways to keep your head warm for winter. We've chosen the best options whether you're…

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  • Dec052012

    Men’s Outerwear: On Sale

    I got a "nicety" email last week because my "Can't Miss Hit List" didn't have items for men, so although…

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  • Nov152012

    What’s Hotter Than A Man In Uniform?

    The answer: a man doing his duty to look good (whether military or not)! But this season, you can have…

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  • Nov122012

    Man Should In-Vest In A Layered Winter Look

    I've been doing quite a bit of searching for the "right" men's casual look. I happened upon one here but,…

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  • Aug242012

    A Coat To Bridge Fall and Winter

    Never knew such a thing as "bridge coat" existed until GQ mentioned {I'm still skeptical...} but it's apparently like a…

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  • Apr242012

    Club Monaco for Men

    Not only has Club Monaco finally created an e-commerce site, but they've bolstered the men's section. First, a few ground…

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  • Apr212012

    It’s That Time of Month…

    What were you thinking?! April is the month to purchase rain gear. Move quickly before April showers are gone, sunshine…

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  • Apr042012

    Sayonara Simon Spurr

    It's so long to Simon Spurr at Simon Spurr. On March 16th, amid thinly veiled references of longstanding agreements, Simon…

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  • Feb272012

    Men’s Fashion Is Women’s Style

    Sounds a bit weird, right? But the premise is easy: most men dress for the opposite sex. Ok, there are…

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  • Feb082012

    Outerwear to Wear Now

    Valentino really knows how to do outerwear...well just about anything for that matter. This Valentino cotton-linen jacket is hot but…

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  • Jan272012

    The Case of The Missing Tommy Hilfiger Trench

    Tommy Hilfiger says ‘a trench is a staple in every man’s wardrobe’ and then talks about how they’re too embellished…

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  • Jan202012

    Outerwear Is In

    On very good authority, I have listed the top points for men to note when thinking about outerwear: Slim-fitting ~…

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  • Nov162011

    Step 5 To A Wardrobe Winter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 5: Winterize Your Wardrobe Don't be a tough guy ~ you may be able to show off your haircut…

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  • Nov152011

    Step 4 To A Wardrobe Winter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 4: Become a techy! A trench coat or long cashmere is great as you move from home to car,…

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  • Nov042011

    Step 1 To A Wardrobe Winter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 1: Put Some Weight On Your friends will be wool, gabardine, cashmere, merino, etc. It's never cool to look…

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  • Nov012011

    Cool Weather? Warm Coat!

    It's all complained all summer about the heat and now it's here. Cold weather, snow, sleet and the…

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  • May192011

    A Dash of Dapper…

    Day 3 is the big day - BBQ!  Yeah you can do like the other joes and sport cutoff shorts…

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