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Club Monaco for Men

Club Monaco for Men
2012/04/24 Better Blueprint

Not only has Club Monaco finally created an e-commerce site, but they've bolstered the men's section. First, a few ground rules:

  • they do casual and dressed up casual
  • they do slim to medium-build men very well (huskier types....not so much except for the tops)
  • they do muted colors and earth tones

That said, here are some of their best looks for March, April & May ~ find some inspiration to add a layer, throw on a different style tee, or just use an occasional stripe:

Desert twill jacket, $189.50

Artem indigo shirt, $89.50

Striped crewneck t-shirt, $29.50

Milton trouser, $179.50

Trouser, $245.00

A similar sweater {Ian cardigan, $169.50}

Cotton field jacket, $189.50

Cotton trench, $169.50