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6 Things We Want to Share This Week

6 Things We Want to Share This Week
2011/12/10 Better Blueprint

It's Saturday and I'm still in Paris (I was an Official Blogger for LeWeb), but that's no reason not to give you the skinny on what's happening around the fashion community that you need to know about.

  1. In keeping with the convergence of fashion and technology, Valentino Garavani has provided 50+ years and over 5,000 documents at your fingertips with his new Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum using technology similar to Google Art Project. I've check it out ~ things are in 3-D, you can view them close up and the archives include sketches, videos and interviews!
  2. There have to be more designers into fashion besides Karl Lagerfeld and deep tech beyond "30 or 40 iPads". One answer is Norma Kamali who became obsessed with technology after seeing a 3-D documentary. Her Spring 2012 collection is available in a 3-D film, but also ushers in a new world of 3-D enabled e-commerce. Go Norma!!
  3. We all understand the concept of 'baby steps', but any retailer without e-commerce is surely losing revenue. Club Monaco ~ move into the light ... I'm sure Socialbakers could provide some stats on the translation of social media and internet presence to revenue.
  4. While in Paris, I've been riding the Metro and one of the things I truly relish about Parisian men is their attention to detail, and in this particular case I'm talking about socks. I couldn't snap any photos (for fear of being cursed out in French), but know that the current combo of choice is medium/dark brown shoes with striped socks.
  5. Traditionally, this new technology is finger-friendly but there are those occasions when you just need a bit more. I've been turned on to the Griffin all-in-one stylus + pen + laser pointer. Think about the game you wanna play and your fingers get in the way, or the quick note you need to jot down and there's no pen around, or perhaps you're doing a presentation and need to highlight something very important.....
  6. If none of our Holiday gift guides have worked for you to date (Gifts for Your Guy, Bro or Beau, Holiday Gifts Under $100), another option is to try VIPorbit, a relationship manager app that let syou capture personal details about those you interact with, thus making Holiday shopping a breeze...provided you know where to go to get what you need (thus the gift guides)! Next week, we'll have 10 Gifts Under $20.