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Mobile Men’s Fashion

Mobile Men’s Fashion
2012/04/23 Better Blueprint

Recently Conde Nast Traveler did a piece on 11 mobile stores to visit and we were intrigued...and now fully engaged! Last week, we highlighted Bootleg, a women's footwear shoegasm in Austin, TX. This week we checked out Aetherstream out of San Francisco, CA ~it's kinda like the SWAT team of Aether's bricks-n-mortar outfit.

Aetherstream features tailored, technical lifestyle apparel for men. It's weekend and outdoorsy gear that is anything but grungy ! more rugged individualist. We haven't been inside but understand the reclaimed wood gives it a very manly appeal. Look for it traveling from San Fran to LA on occasion.

{Aetherstream; photo from Conde Nast}