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A Dirty Little Secret…

A Dirty Little Secret…
2012/04/23 Better Blueprint

I have to confess something....from time to time, I find fabulous items and I don't want to share them with you! Is that bad? am I supposed to share all of the cool stuff I find with you all....and then I see you and we're wearing the same thing?! Do you even like what I like? Sometimes the items I snag are because I love them not because they're inexpensive/"a steal" but simply because I saw it and "had to have it". Does this make me a bad person?

Technically, if we continuously purchase the same items (ladies not fellas), we're bound to show up somewhere wearing the same thing! That would be a major faux pas, so I'm really saving us from embarrassing ourselves in public!

That dirty little confession out of the way ~ let's discuss my two recent shoe purchases to prepare for summer...both from Zara. The colors are bright and the flat sandal is just different enough to stand out everyday. Should I have shared this sooner? I don't know, but I'm sharing it now ~~~ so click the pic and get your feet feeling happy!

Basic sandal, $49.90


Snakeskin print sandals, $79.90