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Top 5 Items to Acquire Before 2010

Top 5 Items to Acquire Before 2010
2009/12/28 Maya H.

Before 2009 closes out and you're ready to start 2010 with New Years resolutions and all that craziness about dropping 20 pounds, settling down, etc, consider your wardrobe!  More important than shedding pounds or re-activating your 'Players Card' is exactly how you look, or what your image says about you.

Before 2010 shows itself and while the sales are still abundant, consider the acquisition of these items and if you're having trouble locating any of them, click here for assistance.

Wallet: ensure that your money takes care of you by taking care of your a nice, understated piece of leather that allows you to hold your money, ID and about 4 cards.  Anything more is wasteful and unfashionable!

Grey pinstripe suit: most men's suiting makers have one in this season's lineup.  It's great for dressier occasions, wonderful for work events, and the pants along with a crisp white button-down offer options for more casual setting.

Cognac-colored shoes: whether they're a little dressier and have high shine or some embellishment like wingtips, designers agree that a whiskey/cognac-colored shoe is versatile enough to go with grey, camel and navy!!

Briefcase: if you do business in the boardroom, or are a supervisor at a restaurant, or are simply on the climb up the ladder, a briefcase to hold your papers and perhaps an umbrella adds just enough finish to have anyone take you seriously.

Tie and cufflinks: cufflinks to any shirt adds panache instantly!  And a tie, even if it's under an argyle vest or worn loosely with a sport coat creates immediate fashion flair.

Gentlemen start your engines....2010 is about to begin!