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Men Should Beat Their Bare Chests!

Men Should Beat Their Bare Chests!
2012/06/06 Better Blueprint

It's from back in the time of the caveman, remember? Men would find food, kill it, beat their chest with their fists, and then drag the food back for the clan to eat it (or at least that's what they showed on television). Honestly, there's no need to do that today especially if you've got this Club Monaco Bailey v-neck sweater ($89.50).

Loving it because the linen-cotton blend is perfect for summer; the straw color goes with anything; the slim fit isn't too slim but doesn't create 'wings' either; and the v-neck cut allows for you to wear it on top of a shirt or by itself. WINNING!

It's not colorful - it's not loud - it's not flashy - it's not zesty or zainy but it works - 'nuff said!

Club Monaco Bailey v-neck sweater, $89.50