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Man Should In-Vest In A Layered Winter Look

Man Should In-Vest In A Layered Winter Look
2012/11/12 Better Blueprint

...with the Club Monaco vest

I've been doing quite a bit of searching for the "right" men's casual look. I happened upon one here but, I knew there was something more. And then came the November 2012 GQ and the article on rap's hottest rookie, Big Sean, and a few looks at the field vest - I instantly feel in love!

GQ prints a lot of stuff and I don't necessarily subscribe to all of it but these looks were on -- the suits fit just right, the je me sais quoi was just so, the casualness said "I can roll like this all day", the layering wasn't too heavy, it had appeal for the family man in suburban Nashville or the single guy in downtown Brooklyn, the colors stayed in their neutral-but-not-dull lane, and the look left a lot of room for interpretation.

The field vests we love:

The upside of the field vest is that it provides protection and warmth without all the bulk, plus it adds a bit of character and savior faire to the overall look.

If you're a house-to-car man, reside in the Mid-Atlantic or Southeast, or just get a bit overheated with all of the coat options, this is your answer to a winter coat!!

...with the Woolrich Woolen Mills vest

...the Belstaff option (for poppin' collars)!