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  • Jun022023

    the 8 breathable fabrics for hot summer days

    Apparently, El Nino will be 'in the house' this year! If you're unfamiliar, here's a quick refresher: El Niño is…

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  • May092020

    truly stylish phone grip

    One of the truly telltale signs of being fashionable and stylish is making something your own....and standout! The phone grips…

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  • Jan312018

    leather tech envelope

    As you look at this photo, note that there's an iPad Pro in the picture...and a way I am "manifesting"…

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  • Jul142017

    New Iphone Case

    I'm feeling ultra-tech savvy these days! I've got my new iphone case by Black Parrot which is navy and gold…

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  • Nov222016
    stylish technology gifts

    “Curated” Holiday Giving: With Sexy Tech!

    Tech can get expensive so we kept our favorite items under $100 - and they can be used for guys…

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  • Aug202016

    Final Style Download…All About Beauty!

    For now, this is the last in our series of new - FREE! - style downloads. This one is for…

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  • Aug192016

    Another Style Download Available..for the Fellas!

    We've got more for you well for the fellas. We've already given the ladies the 9 Websites to Bookmark for…

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  • Aug172016

    FREE Download Available: Handbags under $100!

    We're keeping the free style advice coming - and the latest download available is for the handbag junkies who don't…

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  • Aug152016

    New FREE Style Downloadables Available!

    About three or four times a year, Blueprint for Style gathers all of the requests we've had throughout the year…

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  • Jan122016

    Rockin’ A Camry For The Holidays

    I was determined to keep this holiday season low-key and relaxed, and it was going to start with a leisurely…

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  • Dec102015

    Great Gift Options Under $50

    Christmas should not be about giving gifts but enjoying the season and the reason! With that in mind, my posts are focused…

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  • Sep222015

    No Need to Collect “Schmutz”

    AM Lab's mission is to clean "schmutz" off your tech - and that includes your smartphone, tablet and computer/laptop. Anyone…

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  • May282015

    Make Your Photos Ubiquitous

    Ever snapped a photo and thought, "Everyone should see this!"? Well now they can...using the Polaroid Zip! Polaroid zip is…

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  • Nov202014

    What I’m Reading Wednesdays…on Thursday

    I'm a day behind but not a dollar short. Did you see yesterdays post about Mary J. Blige's new album?…

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  • Sep162014

    How To ‘Pay To Play” (Or Shop)

    A friend once told me the best way to make something viral or "sticky" is to join a conversation already…

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  • Jan312014
    payaments on the go

    Tech Talk: Flint

    As an entrepreneur and being in the midst of entrepreneurs regularly and often, I'm always looking for technology that will…

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  • Mar152013

    Travel: Tuned In

    I've been doing quite a bit of traveling these last few weeks and it looks like the pace will continue...although…

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  • Mar042013

    Irrefutable Fact: Men Love Tech

    You know it's true! Even if these aren't tech-savvy, men love gadgets and are always looking for a techy shortcut…

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  • Feb102013

    Samsung Galaxy Note II

    I was a diehard Blackberry user for years. I became an iPhone disciple . I am now…

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  • Feb062013

    Can’t Miss Hit List: iPhone Case

    I love color...anything shining...and anything #tech related. The answer is Incase's chrome iphone case ~ $10.50! And it comes in…

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  • Jan312013

    No Hotel Wi-Fi Fees

    This is for the travelers, bloggers, tech-addicted ad anyone who has traveled and returned home to huge international roaming charges…

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  • Jan252013

    Fashionable Fitness Bits n Bots

    It's winter and, if you're like me, you have to battle your inner demons along with the outside temperatures to…

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  • Dec202012

    Tech Awards for 2012

      I own the Dell #XPS 13 Ultrabook and am one of their Super Users. Travel & Leisure (December 2012…

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  • Dec172012

    Best Case Scenario [SLIDESHOW]

    These are the top iphone cases from cute to whimsical to sleek to eco-friendly to designer to wood, bunny ears,…

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  • Dec142012

    Music Soothes the Savage Beast

    ...Or the stressed-out mom or over-wrought entrepreneur! And these Diane von Furstenberg vintage collection speakers just made me squeal when…

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