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truly stylish phone grip

truly stylish phone grip
2020/05/09 Better Blueprint

One of the truly telltale signs of being fashionable and stylish is making something your own....and standout! The phone grips have been around for a while and I resisted because they sported schools, sororities, whack sayings, etc - nothing that was quite my speed.

Until now...... thank Janet Gwen!

She has created a line of one-of-a-kind phone grips that read chic and upscale while still remaining functional. She carries other stone phone grip options like rose quartz and black agate....soooo sexy!!

Now my only issue is deciding which phone case to place it on since I have several... Maybe I need to buy more than one?!?!? Discount please!

I'll start with the amethyst and see where I go from there - stay tuned!!