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No Hotel Wi-Fi Fees

No Hotel Wi-Fi Fees
2013/01/31 Better Blueprint

This is for the travelers, bloggers, tech-addicted ad anyone who has traveled and returned home to huge international roaming charges on their bill.

There are a number of options including:

  • FoxFi ( ~ if you have an android, this service lets you share a mobile connection with your laptop
  • Tether ( ~let's you use your Bluetooth or USB to connect to your laptop for $29.95/year
  • XCom ( ~ for $14.95/day, you have your own unlimited wi-fi connection and device
  • Boingo ( ~ for as low as $7.95/month, you can get access on your device anytime, anywhere!
  • Most hotel lobbies offer free wi-fi in public areas!

As a traveler, be in-the-know and hotel fee-free!