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the 8 breathable fabrics for hot summer days

the 8 breathable fabrics for hot summer days
2023/06/02 Better Blueprint

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Apparently, El Nino will be 'in the house' this year! If you're unfamiliar, here's a quick refresher: El Niño is the climate pattern that warms up water in the Pacific Ocean every two to seven years. It can simultaneously lead to excessive rainfall and severe drought in different regions, particularly the tropics, AND because climate change exacerbates its effects, it can cause extreme heat.

There's a lot more to that story but, it means you can expect a hotter-than-usual summer in most places. To combat the warm weather, there are 8 breathable fabrics that should be part of your summer wardrobe!

  1. Cotton - it absorbs moisture and allows for air to circulate, and it can help to wick away sweat but not a ton!
  2. Linen - it's a natural fiber that has excellent moisture-wicking properties but, note that it won't stay wrinkle-free
  3. Chambray - is the lighter-weight cousin to denim (still French though) and much more breathable
  4. Silk - people don't think about it, but silk is a natural fiber and it's excellent at regulating body temperature. In addition, it's typically very lightweight
  5. Seersucker - Southerners already know this but this puckering promotes airflow and enhances the breathability of this fabric. It's a win and can be found in most items.
  6. Bamboo - this is a fairly new fabric on the block but its real win besides breathability and moisture-wicking is that it's naturally antimicrobial too!
  7. Tencel - known by many names (aka lyocell) and my personal favorite because it is usually soft to the touch, and moisture-wicking...and yes highly breathable too! The other win is that it's a sustainable fabric!
  8. Rayon -  it's synthetic, I know, but its derived from bamboo (read above!) so its breathable too

Some are more sustainable-friendly than others. To be kind to Mother Earth, consider sticking with organic cotton, tencel, hemp, and bamboo. And look for certifications like GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and Fair Trade!

And, to ensure you're looking your best, don't forget about unrestricted airflow, that lighter colors reflect the heat, and layering is your friend since indoors often means frigid temps!

Good forth - in the heat - and be stylish!

If you need more help to come up with your key pieces or need some direct links to get you started, schedule a Digital Style Solutions session - and it's on!

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