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To Better “Watch” My Progress

To Better “Watch” My Progress
2012/07/27 Better Blueprint

Julia and I are two full weeks into our 30 Day #BodyReboot and, I'm not sure about her, but I'm feeling it. My body is feeling "tighter" but moving up and down the stairs isn't so easy anymore.

I've been keeping up with my 2-3 minutes of jump rope everyday (except one day I forgot because I was out of town) and now I've started running. In all fairness, I was running before but went cold turkey after the last half marathon I did in October for my 40th birthday. I have a few standing issues with running:

  • it reeks havoc on my hair {any time I head to the salon, two days later it's back to looking crazy, so I skip the salon which means it's looking even crazier!}
  • I need new sneakers ~ but I solved that with the recent purchase of my Mizuno wave rider
  • it's difficult to track my actual calorie burn thus physician improvement ~ I need one of those super cool watches that not only tells time but tracks my heart rate and calorie burn.

Polar FT40

I was thinking Garmin until my #BodyReboot partner in crime (Julia) and ride instructor (Ingrid) mentioned the Polar USA watch series. Now, I'm in love. I don't need to go all out so the FT40 will look sleek and do lots of nice things:

  • tells me if my training is fitness or fat burning
  • measure aerobic fitness at rest and tracks improvements
  • shows calories burned
  • helps set training load

And as I get into full swing for training for my next two half marathons (in October and January), it will be perfect!

So, who wants a Polar USA watch?!