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ONLY For Men Who Are Comfortable Naked

ONLY For Men Who Are Comfortable Naked
2012/07/27 Better Blueprint

I've seen them. I've felt them. I've even fondled them {does that sound slightly unnatural?}. I've laid eyes on them post-first-wash. I've reveled in their beauty and simplicity. Indeed James Perse's stretch-cotton jersey boxer briefs are 'the truth'. They're soft, supple, breathable yet fitted enough to keep everything in check.

You don't have to dump out your entire underwear drawer yet ~ just buy one...and I'm 90% certain you'll be on the hunt to acquire more.

You may even feel the urge to just drop trow.....but please don't unless you're in the appropriate setting!

Item: James Perse stretch-cotton jersey boxer briefs, $28

{one pair will change your life....}