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Body Reboot – Week 3

Body Reboot – Week 3
2012/07/29 Better Blueprint

Week three is in the rear view for Julia and I. As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm feeling it all over - tighter (yes!), better breathing (yes!), better jumprope performance (yes!) but more sore (yes!).

We've rounding out day 21 and we're still going strong with 45-minute Rides at 6AM, 1-hour Barre classes at 6:45PM, and even 1-hour weekend tabata Rides at 8AM.

Highlights from last week (Sun-Sat):

  • 11 classes in total (7 Ride, 4 Barre)
  • A weekend with girls (so 1 day of missed classes)
  • 6 days of jump rope (1:10 - 15 sec rest - 45 sec. - 15 sec. rest - 45 sec.)
  • I fit into my white shorts a smidge better...but still not my old jeans (sad face)

Do you all have any fitness objectives to accomplish? Here's a great read on how to listen to your body {it's why I'm doing the 30 day #BodyReboot).