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supporting the girls but loving freedom

supporting the girls but loving freedom
2020/05/08 Better Blueprint
In Lingerie, Style

Being home a lot but still being "seen" has taken its toll on my underwear drawer! I have been trying to find the balance between giving the girls some support but not being overly restrictive either. And if you live with others (which I don't....whew!) then you definitely have to consider what they are exposed to daily as Icing on the cake - I don't want to walk around with sagging boobs because it doesn't make me feel sexy.

Well I worked through the issue and came up with three excellent work-from-home bra solutions (and I own all three!): I started with the Spanx bra-llelujah and when I found that in my drawer, I noticed I was wearing it everyday (don't judge me!). I needed to retain my dignity so I tried Negative Underwear's silky non-wire bra and felt like I found my new sexy....! Finally, this Free People bralette popped into my inbox and I tried purely because of the sexy fig color which meant I could rock it under white tees - I now know how Goldie Locks felt after trying all of those beds!!!!

ALL are great options because they keep the girls in check without being too strict, and have varying support depending on the occasion.

Pound-for-pound, I scooped two more of the Free People bralette!