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  • Sep282020

    your bra measurements

    There's a right way to measure your bra's cup and band size if you cannot get to a professional shop.…

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  • May082020

    supporting the girls but loving freedom

    Being home a lot but still being "seen" has taken its toll on my underwear drawer! I have been trying…

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  • Feb122014

    Lingerie Love For Valentine’s

    Valentine's is a manmade holiday but it's all about the idea of love and that includes loving yourself. This Valentine's…

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  • Dec072012

    Her Bra Is Too Small

    This picture from GQ (December 2012) shows Minka Kelly looking sexy I suppose. Men will say, "Yeah that's looking good."…

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  • Jun102010

    Best Supporting Cast

    Any dress or outfit that's beautiful likely has an (unseen) supporting cast making it all possible.  In this post, we're…

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