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Lingerie Love For Valentine’s

Lingerie Love For Valentine’s
2014/02/12 Better Blueprint

Valentine's is a manmade holiday but it's all about the idea of love and that includes loving yourself. This Valentine's take a pledge to love yourself enough to buy a beautiful bra....that supports you, shows off your assets, covers you where you need it, and works to show the real you.

Lingerie are the unsung heroes of our fabulous outfits - the girders that literally support our 'red carpet' looks, power Mondays, and I-feel-fab Fridays.

Head to Nordstrom, or True & Co, or Coup de Foudre, a DC-based lingerie favorite and get fitted for something fabulous.

After all, your pretty unmentionables are not only for you but for the one you love! By the way, you can head to pages 60-63 of my style guidebook, Without Saying A Word, to get my thoughts on which pretty unmentionables are essential.