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My Atlanta Travel Outfit

My Atlanta Travel Outfit
2014/02/11 Better Blueprint

My sister is getting married, so I headed down to Atlanta for her bridal shower and a quick 24 hours of fun and laughs.

To make the trip happen though, I had to plan for a big climate change (again) going from DC (30s) to Atlanta (high 50s), and I also wanted to make sure I was ready to hang out!

The answer was in my fabulously stylish and comfy Tieks (thanks Tieks for sending me "caliente" which is what I call this pair), and in my peplum leather biker jacket from ASOS (thanks ASOS!). The comfy flats allowed me to #travel from DC through Chicago and then to Atlanta - land and run errands - get to Sugarcoat to set-up - and celebrate the auspicious occasion with my sister and her closest friends!

After the bridal shower, we stayed out and did tapas at Barcelona Wine Bar, and then ended the evening at Highland Cigar Bar ~ a fabulous time that lasted well into the morning!

To make life easy, I simply packed an extra shirt (red t-shirt) and my black d'orsay pumps to rock the following day and in the evening, respectively. The leather jacket allowed me to peel off my outer layer for the restaurants and cigar bar...

What would you have done differently?!