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Her Bra Is Too Small

Her Bra Is Too Small
2012/12/07 Better Blueprint

This picture from GQ (December 2012) shows Minka Kelly looking sexy I suppose. Men will say, "Yeah that's looking good." And ladies will say, "It's cute but not practical and how will she look when she gets to be my age..."

Either way, her bra is too small. Likely to create a more bustier picture, they sized her down but if you look at the strap in the back, it's raised and that's the telltale sign for a bra that doesn't fit properly!

The rule: get fitted for your bra every six months. It's December and the perfect time to get it right for the new year!

Who knew GQ could provide us with a lesson in proper foundation fitting?!

Minka Kelly {photo from GQ, December 2012}