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Best Supporting Cast

Best Supporting Cast
2010/06/10 Maya H.

Any dress or outfit that's beautiful likely has an (unseen) supporting cast making it all possible.  In this post, we're peeking at the trappings that cover our breasts: a convertible bra, adhesive bra, and nipple covers.

  • Convertible bra: asymmetrical necklines are all the rage!  A convertible bra lets you work with a halter, one shoulder, and asymmetrical necklines using the multiple straps and strap hooks.
  • Adhesive bra: backless styles are extremely sexy!  An adhesive bra features lightweight foam cups and supportive underwire that adheres.
  • Nipple covers: anything body skimming requires the barest of support!  Nipple covers provide smooth and seamless coverage.

Let's use these as often as help maintain our stylish and flawless silhouettes [note: click the pics for more options]!