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  • Nov182020
    Monica Barnett with a big smile because of a recent business win

    the entrepreneur’s “grind”

    So people will call it a grind but there's a large part of me that thinks it's a grustle .…

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  • Sep292017

    best sweaters from old navy (for everyone)!

    Fall means cooler temps. Fall means layering. Fall means sweaters. I found some fabulous options at Old Navy for under…

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  • Nov072012

    Blazers With Elbow Patches

    On Monday, we "learned" how to add elbow patches (sequins!) to our old blazer of sweater but, if you're not…

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  • Nov052012

    Elbow Patches: Old School But Nouveau

    I am NOT a DIY kinda chick (I barely have time to tie my shoelaces) but when I saw this,…

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  • Feb072012

    Gap Pure…Tees & Sweaters

    Gap is already an American wardrobe staple, but now they're venturing into a bit of specialization ~ Gap Pure is…

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  • Nov022011

    Frugal Fashionista

      Question: I've paid out the nose for college and am still paying, so I have no real money to…

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  • Oct202011

    Sensible Sweater Season with Lands’ End Canvas

    I love summer but, admit that fall is one the est times of years especially for dressing. The warm colors…

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  • Apr092010

    Spring Cleaning Tips: #2 (shirts & sweaters)

    Men & shirts: a few have little itsy bitsy teeny holes in them...likely from keeping the plastic on them so,…

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  • Mar172010

    Super Dope, Super Dapper #2

    Sweaters make the transition from winter to spring easy -- and if you choose a brighter color, it could actually…

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  • Jan142010

    Navy Blue is Nautical

    ...Or at least that's the color that comes to mind when I think of anything nautical, and this shawl collar sweater…

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  • Jan042010

    Don’t Sweat the Technique!

    Gentleman, the Holiday season saw retailers putting everything up for sale including sweaters and the likes.  Off Saks 5th is…

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  • Nov162009

    Corset Cardigan

    Corset cardigan is a no-no fellas, and it's easy to avoid!  Corset cardigan is the phenomenon where you wear a…

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