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Blazers With Elbow Patches

Blazers With Elbow Patches
2012/11/07 Better Blueprint

On Monday, we "learned" how to add elbow patches (sequins!) to our old blazer of sweater but, if you're not quite into the DIY then these options are for you.

Blazers (or sweaters) with elbow patches used to be stodgy but, provided the cut and styling of the top is fitted, it looks cool and adds a touch of old world charm to your look.

My favorite blazers right now have a bit of tweed to them: it makes them slightly more versatile and the fabric is more cold weather friendly. Here they are:

  1. Blazer with elbow patches, Zara ($100) ~ cut is narrow, length is just above the hip, styling is feminine
  2. Schoolboy blazer in houndstooth, J.Crew ($288) ~ cut is a little more generous, the length is short, overall the style is shrunken
  3. Vintage blazer, ModCloth ($30) ~ cut is generous, length is longer, the styling is less feminine