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the entrepreneur’s “grind”

the entrepreneur’s “grind”
2020/11/18 Better Blueprint
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So people will call it a grind but there's a large part of me that thinks it's a grustle [grind + hustle]. People ask why I'd work 80 hours per week vs. 60 per week elsewhere. The answer is simple: every hour I'm putting in is like giving to myself!

20 years ago I would have said, "No way!" and now you couldn't get me to give it up...

Today (figuratively), I help people align and perfect their visual resume, show up to the world different...better...happier...more confident!

I get to do so much more >> I got to write an article for NBC News's Know Your Value about Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and share that....would have never happened if I was grinding for someone else! And I have so much more to coming down the line.

Stay tuned!!

And and and.....a few people asked so the sweater is this season by Alexander Wang!