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Spring Cleaning Tips: #2 (shirts & sweaters)

Spring Cleaning Tips: #2 (shirts & sweaters)
2010/04/09 Maya H.
  • Men & shirts: a few have little itsy bitsy teeny holes in them...likely from keeping the plastic on them so, let them go.  Any shirt that has a frayed or slightly discolored collar, just say 'goodbye'; and consider any shirt where you can no longer button the top button as too small!!
  • Women & sweaters: 'fabric shavers are great wardrobe extenders (used for removing the occasional peeling) but if you have to do the entire sweater and it takes more than 5 minutes, a replacement is called for!  Okay this may be hard but, any sweater whose sleeves do not hit your wristbone are actually too small (unless they're 3/4 length) and can be donated to the less fortunate (tax write-off)!!

♥ Time used & money saved: the respective exercises should take 1-hour; at least $150 a year saved by men in not drycleaning unusable shirts and upwards of $500+ saved by women in tax deductions!!